Septic Systems




In order to prolong the life of septic systems, regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary. Larry's Latrines provides cleaning and solid removal using their modern pumping equipment and "Crust Buster" tool. We are pleased to offer cleaning services for all septic tanks, including mobile homes, campers and RVs.


Bacterial Additives:


Larry's Latrines has available industrial-strength bacterial additives for all septic systems. These include:


  • 9 enzymes
  • 1 year supply
  • 12 packets in a small package
  • 1/2 the price of comparable products


Lids and Risers:


Larry's Latrines will provide premade lids and risers to offer easy access to the septic system. Once these are installed, we never have to dig again. The homeowner saves money!