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About Us

Located in beautiful Hornell, NY — Larry’s Latrines was established in 1995 and is owned and operated by the Bishop Family. The Bishop Family began with a hardware and rental store in 1990. In 2005, Bishop’s Fulltime Portable Restrooms was purchased by the Bishop’s. Later, in 2020, the business grew even more with the purchase of Larry’s Latrines.

We service an approximate 50-mile driving radius from Hornell (Staying in the state of New York).


Larry’s Latrines has become a trusted name in the Southern Tier’s portable restroom service industry.


Larry’s Latrines restrooms are the finest available; all are scrubbed clean, utilizing fragrant cleaners and featuring hand sanitizers in every unit.

We can accommodate intimate parties as well as large gatherings with hundreds of guests, including:

  • Weddings

  • Parties

  • Corporate retreats

  • Festivals

  • Reunions

  • Athletic events

  • Concerts

  • Construction sites (Residential and Commercial)

  • Funeral services

  • Sales events

Please take this opportunity to reserve the finest restroom services from Larry’s Latrines. Call 607-324-5015.

If you are out of our service area we may be able to help you from our second location, visit  Bishop’s Fulltime Portables

About Us


Porta-Potty Units

Our units range from the simple to the extravagant. When you call our office, our team will help you find the unit that matches your event and your budget.

By clicking on the units below, you can read a general description of each unit.


Shower Units

Our one-station shower unit offers instant hot water for a refreshing shower!

  • Powered by a 20-pound propane-fueled, on-demand water heater. Water is heated to an average temperature of 115 degrees that may be adjusted to suit the user’s comfort level. (Please note that the propane tank is not included in rental.). Enjoy up to 18 hours of use at a flow rate of 1.4 gallons per minute.

  • Comes with vanity shelf, a number of towel/robe hooks and a full-length shower curtain.

  • Comes with spray soap dispenser

  • Has a 12-gallon containment skid with threaded fittings in each runner that allows gray water to be piped away to an exterior holding tank or sewer system

  • Offered in dark blue

Reserve early! We have a limited supply of these units.


Stand Alone Sink

Our Stand Alone Sink is a great addition to any event. If the restroom units you reserve happen to be in use, these sinks are much appreciated by guests.

  • Comes with either a 45-gallon or 23-gallon fresh-water tank

  • Come with self-contained grey water tank

  • Stocked with soap, paper towels and water

  • (Please note that we do not supply garbage cans for disposal of paper towels.)


Septic Service

Regular cleanings and maintenance is necessary to prolong the life of your septic system. Larry’s Latrines provides cleaning and solid removal using their modern pumping equipment.

We offer cleaning services for all septic tanks, including:

  • Private and commercial properties

    • Household septic tanks are typically pumped every five to seven years. Larry’s Latrines is certified in Steuben County for Septic Inspections.

    • Four major factors influence the frequency of septic pumping: Household size, total wastewater generated, volume of solids in wastewater, and septic tank size.

  • Mobile homes

  • Campers and RVs

Signs your septic tank needs service:

    • A foul odor is coming from drains

    • Wastewater is backing up into household drains

    • Bright green, spongy grass on the drainfield, even during dry weather

    • Pooling water or muddy soil around your septic system or in your basement

    • A strong odor around the septic tank and drainfield

Hunting Cabins and Camps

Hunting cabins:


Let us put up a portable restroom at your campsite. Then you and the bears don’t have to decide which one of you is going in the woods.




If you are spending an extended amount of time in your camper at a campsite, feel free to set up regular tank service for your camper tank. For a competitive rate, you can avoid the hassle of breaking down your camper to drive to the dump station AND the mess of emptying your tank yourself. If you do not have a camper bathroom – maybe you are a tent camper — and would like some privacy, you can rent one of our portable restrooms.


Private porta-potty services available:

  • Level 1 – Pump out potty and replace deodorizer in tank

  • Personal Plus – Pump out, replace deodorizer, re-supply with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and scent discs and cleaning of potty interior



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