Hunting cabins:

Let us put up a portable restroom at your campsite. Then you and the bears don’t have to decide which one of you is going in the woods.


If you are spending an extended amount of time in your camper at a campsite, feel free to set up regular tank service for your camper tank. For a competitive rate, you can avoid the hassle of breaking down your camper to drive to the dump station AND the mess of emptying your tank yourself. If you do not have a camper bathroom – maybe you are a tent camper — and would like some privacy, you can rent one of our portable restrooms.

Private porta-potty services available:

  • Level 1 – Pump out potty and replace deodorizer in tank
  • Personal Plus – Pump out, replace deodorizer, re-supply with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and scent discs and cleaning of potty interior