Regular cleanings and maintenance is necessary to prolong the life of your septic system. Larry’s Latrines provides cleaning and solid removal using their modern pumping equipment.

We offer cleaning services for all septic tanks, including:

  • Private and commercial properties
    • Household septic tanks are typically pumped every five to eight years. Larry’s Latrines is certified in Steuben County for Septic Inspections.
    • Four major factors influence the frequency of septic pumping: Household size, total wastewater generated, volume of solids in wastewater, and septic tank size.
  • Mobile homes
  • Campers and RVs

Signs your septic tank needs service:

    • A foul odor is coming from drains
    • Wastewater is backing up into household drains
    • Bright green, spongy grass on the drainfield, even during dry weather
    • Pooling water or muddy soil around your septic system or in your basement
    • A strong odor around the septic tank and drainfield