Septic Inspections

We are happy to offer septic inspections in Steuben and Allegany counties.

We recommend that you have your septic system inspected every 5 years. Why? Because small issues detected early can help you avoid large — and messy, disgusting and costly – issues down the road. You avoid major septic issues by allowing us to investigate your tank, inlets, outlets and piping.

What do we do in a septic inspection?:

  • We will check the level of your tank
  • We will look for any holes, cracks or other leaking opportunities. Small leaks turn into big leaks. Any type of leak can lead to sewage escaping from your septic system; that sewage can pollute the land and the groundwater around your home, creating a serious health hazard for you, your family, your pets and even your neighbors.
  • We will make sure the tank covers are firmly attached to prevent rainwater penetration
  • We will adjust water levels if necessary
  • We will check the drain field flow back

What are some of the problems that a septic inspection can help prevent?

  • Leaks and sewage contamination leaching into your groundwater
  • Tank overflow
  • Ruptured pipes or sewage backups
  • Drain field contamination and septic overflow

An inspection now could help you avoid a repair later that could cost you 10 or 20 times as much to fix plus possible local fines you may face for failure to properly keep up your septic system.

Water Sampling as an Independent Third Party

We test for bacteria (E. coli & Coliform), lead, nitrates/nitrites, iron and Sulphur bacteria, hardness and pH, as well as many other parameters.

New York State Department of Health Individual Water Supply Wells Fact Sheet

We do not perform well flow tests.